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From: Sean Williams
Subject: College Love- Part 3I have so many stories to tell, and there all true. I will only write true
stories as I find them to be the most interesting. This story is about my
true love, and the events that made us what we are today. This will not be
quick fuck story if that’s what you were looking for. Names have been
changed to protect the identity of the individuals involved. I hope you
enjoy comments are welcomed at nightmareelm2000yahoo.com
He looks into his ice cream and he says “not sure”. I confused by his
response, but delighted that I did not receive an automatic no. Bryan then
stares deeply into my eyes and ask the same question, “are you gay James” I
reply with the same answer “not sure”. He smirks at my response, my body
quivers from such a beautiful sight. Seconds past, it feels like eternity.
James slowly begins to stand, I wonder what I should do, he begins to head
for the door as if ready to leave my room, I stand and block his way. We
stared deeply into each other eyes, his body slowing warming up to mine. I
raised my hand and gently stroked his face, he gently stroked my arm in
return, we leaned in and the moment I had been waiting for had finally
arrived. Closer and closer was the motion of our face, my heart entwined in this
forever moment of exuberance, and then it happened, we kissed. The second
our lips touch there was nothing but us. Gone was my bed and the x-men
quilt that covered it, gone was the portrait of me and my brothers playing
baseball, gone was the TV, the video games, everything, gone. The only in
the room was me and him. Our tongues whipped around in each other mouths,
our hands stroking each other hair, and our eyes closed taking us to a more
beautiful place. SLAM! A door closed, my roommate was back. Bryan and eye released from
our tight grip and jump on to my bed, both of us sitting as far apart from
each other as possible. My roommate entered the room, hey “Jamal” I said,
“How was soccer practice?” “It was fine” Jamal said as he took his shirt off. Jamal had been my
first gay crush. He was not very tall, standing at about only 5′6 and
weighing about 145. He was in pretty good shape, kind of athletic, but not
ripped to the bone. He was also caramel complexion and had the most
adorable face, sadly even as his roommate I never got a chance to even see
his penis as of yet. I did however get to see his ass, he dropped his towel
one day while changing, and it was the most beautiful ass I had ever seen,
at the time at least. It was round and plump and just begging to be
penetrated. But, I digress, Jamal grabbed his towel and headed into the
shower, “I’ll talked to ya’ll when I get out the shower, my balls itching,
gotta wash them”. All of laughed at this comment and Jamal exited to the
shower. It was not just Bryan and I in the Preteen Nn Model room once again, oh how I wanted
his soft lips on my lips again, but in the shower was my roommate. The room
was filled with tension; I did not know what to do. “Would you like to go outside?” Bryan asked. “Yeah that sounds like a good plan.” I replied. As we were exiting the
room Bryan grabbed hold of my hand, it was magical. I had never felt so
loved. Once we were outside, we decided to head to the stairwell and make
out some more, I tried reaching for his penis many times, but he kept
swatting my hand away, I didn’t get to feel it once that night. At what
seemed to be the end of our make out session I decided to do something I
had never Preteen Nn Model done before, and that was to ask some one to be my boyfriend. I
looked down at his Sponge Bob pajama pants and slowly reached for his hand,
“I knew we’ve only know each other for six days now, but I know when
something is right and this definitely feels right,” I said. I felt his
hand quiver a little, but I couldn’t see what was wrong I had to finish or
I might never muster up the strength to ask again, ” Bryan I would like to
grow old with you, if you are willing to give me that chance, will you be
my boyfriend?” I asked. Bryan eyes were full of tears as I looked at face,
it made me tear up a little. “Yes” he said with a huge smile on his face, and we once again locked
lips. It was much more passionately now; we must’ve kissed for at least 3
minutes straight. Then out of nowhere Bryan asked me a question I was not
quite expecting. “Do you want to cum?” Bryan asked. “Umm yeah” I said kind of confused at his question, while wondering if he
was testing me to see if I asked him out just to have sex with him and then
leave him. He stepped behind me and slowly lowered my basketball pants, my
penis just about jumped out Preteen Nn Model from the pressure of the boxer briefs, standing
fully erect at 7 inches uncut. Bryan began to nibble at my ears and suck on
my neck and than I felt a warm sensation on my penis, it was his hand; he
had begun to jack my dick off. Slowly he started; heavily I began to
breathe. His pace soon began to pick up pace, I moan and groaned, never had
a hand job felt so good. “Oh shit, Preteen Nn Model I’m Cumming!” I screamed. By now his pace was lightning quick,
then it happened, my cum shot across stairwell, at least 5-7 feet. (Yeah,
I’m a shooter, I was named shot gun by a couple of buddies I used to jack
off with, but that’s another story.) Bryan wiped the remaining cum of his
hand with his shirt, I thought that was so hot. We kissed and held each
other for Preteen Nn Model few minutes after this and then headed back into the hall way. “So, I got an 8am class so I guess I better head off to bed” Bryan said. “Yeah, I also got an early morning class” I replied. “I guess I’ll see
you tomorrow”. We kissed and separated. I went back to my room Preteen Nn Model
with a big
smile on my face. As I entered the room, I noticed that shower was no
longer on. Jamal must be out of the shower I thought to myself. I climbed
the stairs and entered my room and was shocked by the sight at which I
seen…Sorry it took so long but I was busy with projects and class this week. Let
me know how you like this part and that’ll determine how fast part 4 comes
up. Also, I don’t know if you guys noticed, but I try to respond to all
comments I receive, so don’t be surprised if you get a response from me
when you send in your comments. Once again my email is
nightmareelm2000yahoo.com and comments or anything else are very
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